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Dubai Palm

The Dubai Palm has been called the eighth wonder of the world: we outline key property aspects with images + design information about the island  

UAE Villas

Dubai Palm Island will be built in the shape of 17 huge fronds surrounded by 12 km of protective barrier reefs, extending 5 km into the sea south of Dubai city. The islands will be accessible by 300m bridges from the mainland or boat to two marinas; the main causeway will have a monorail system. This Dubai island project will be built on 80m cubic metres of land dredged from the approach channel to the emirate's Jebel Ali port, an operation that will deepen the channel to 17m.

Dubai's palm tree-shaped resort island on land reclaimed from the sea will add 120 km of sandybeaches to the UAE and be visible from the moon. Dubai Palm Island will include 2,000 villas, up to 40 luxury hotels all as or more luxurious as any Chicago hotels, shopping complexes,cinemas and the Middle East's first marine park.

Dubai Palm Island

RMJM wins contract to design centrepieces for groundbreaking Palm Island development in Dubai. RMJM were selected from a shortlist of 11 architects to design the Village Centre for Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Jumeirah, two of the world’s largest man-made islands currently under construction off the coast of the UAE.

The construction value of each Dubai Palm Island development is £250m and will feature extensive retail, residential, business and leisure facilities. RMJM’s proposal is an all-skills design including master planning, civil and structural engineering and landscape architecture. Tony Kettle, Director at RMJM Edinburgh is leading the Dubai Palm Island project team of multi-skilled professionals from the company’s Scotland, London and UAE offices.
“The RMJM design concept for the Dubai Palm Village Centre is based on a composition of Islamic geometry and organic structural forms. Combined with the integration of water in the form of canals and a central basin, they create highly attractive environments which can be developed to maximise the value of the mixed uses on the site", explained architect Tony Kettle.

The design for the centrepiece of The Palm, Jebel Ali is inspired by the Nymphea or Water Lily and resembles the large flower sitting on a reflecting pool. This concept is used for the design of shading elements, which radiate from a central opening dome structure on the island. These provide shade from the desert sun during the day and opening up to allow the sea breeze to pass through the building at night. Below these shading components is a geometric layout of buildings derived from a simple Islamic decorative motif of rotated squares and which provides shade to the functional orthogonal architecture below.

The Dubai Palm Island centrepiece will also represent a major transport interchange for boat users coupled with an outstanding retail experience and will include several boatlifts, utilising RMJM’s previous experience on the award-winning Falkirk Wheel.

RMJM are designing the Village Centres on the island for the German-based international developers Innpro, who signed an agreement with The Dubai Palm developers in August 2002. These man-made UAE islands were conceived by His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Defence Minister.

Dubai Palm Islands comprise of approx. 100m cubic metres of rock and sand and will increase UAE's shoreline by a total of 120km.

The first Dubai Palm Island is set to be finished in 2006. Property on the islands went on sale in 2004. Residential island properties on The Palm, Jumeirah sold out in days.

Atlantis the Palm Dubai, U.A.E.

Nov 20, 2008

Dubai, UAE, November 20, 2008 The grand opening celebration of Palm Jumeirah and the Atlantis Resort, created by Nakeel and Kerzner International, was celebrated in grand scale with the world's largest fireworks performance designed and created by the international firework artists, the Gruccis of New York. The night's sky over the Palm Jumeirah and the Atlantis Resort was lit up from 716 firing locations over the entire 11 kilometers of palms crescent, the fronds and the resort's 400 balconies and rooftop in a rainbow of color and bombardment. It was visible from space. 

The Wally Ace Super Yacht 

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2012 has been quite a year for Wally so far with three significant launches: the Bill Tripp-designed Wally 50m megasailer; Hamilton, the first high-performance Wally Cento; and now Kanga, its new 26m semi-custom flybridge motoryacht and the first in the Wally Ace semi-custom series. A number of journalists, SuperyachtNews.com among them, were invited to Ravenna to sea trial the pocket superyacht and Luca Bassani was on hand to respond to questions.

After the gargantuan Wally Why and Wally Island concepts, in many ways the Wally Ace marks a coming down to earth for the Monaco-based brand. Perhaps most importantly, it is Wally’s first displacement motoryacht, which in itself is something of a turnaround for the former owner of the 60-knot Wallypower 118, as the twin 385bhp CAT C12 main engines power the Wally Ace along at a sedate maximum speed of 13 knots. But slow speeds mean low fuel consumption and the motoryacht has a range of 3,000nm (5 lt/nm) at 12 knots, 5,000nm (3 lt/nm) at 9 knots, and a remarkable 10,000nm (1.5 lit/nm) at 8 knots.

“The displacement option was a fundamental decision,” said Bassani. “We have seen the economic and social status quo change dramatically in the last few years and to my mind a motoryacht has to reflect these new conditions in terms of fuel performance. A displacement hull also means a wider beam, which translates into more interior and exterior volume and added comfort. We arrived at the length overall on the basis of registration requirements, because an owner can also choose to drive the boat himself with a standard pleasure boat license, although there is also accommodation for four crew and it is built to Charter Class SCV MCA.”

Kanga, the first in the Wally Ace semi-custom series

Despite the displacement hull speeds, there is nothing remotely ordinary about the Wally Ace – this is a yacht that will turn heads wherever it goes. The exterior profile is reassuringly chunky but distinctly Wally-esque, with a flybridge featuring a ‘wrap-around’ teak deck that continues under the deckhead to line the overhang above the main aft deck. The GRP-sandwich hull, designed in collaboration with Allseas Design, is distinguished by its plumb bow with a squared-off stem, dramatic bow flare and an aft underbody that is virtually flat like a sailing boat hull (it is this curious hull form, with a maximum draught much further forward that on a conventional hull shape, that provides the efficient performance). 

Spacious: Wally Ace has 59 sqm on the forward main deck.

As on all Wally yachts, sail or power, exterior living space is a priority and the Wally Ace features 36 sqm of aft deck, 33 sqm of foredeck and 59 sqm on the sundeck — enormous on a yacht of this size. In fact, Wally claims the yacht offers up to 30 per cent more space overall than its closest competitors (think Benetti composite range or Custom Line navetta).

The interior, thanks to the GRP monocoque construction, is equally spacious and offers a layout with an open-plan main salon/dining room and a three or four cabin configuration below deck with 2.3m ceiling heights. Kanga, the yacht sea-trialed in Ravenna, features the four-cabin solution with two double cabins that look out aft over Wally’s iconic ‘terrace on the sea’ through sliding glass doors. But it is the three-cabin layout, with its full-beam aft cabin that makes the most dramatic use of this feature (with two more Wally Aces on order, the third in line will have three cabins). 

Kanga's sedate top speed of 13 knots means she consumes less fuel

Always keen to embrace innovative technology, the Wally Ace is equipped with an M21000 Seakeeper gyroscopic stabiliser system installed in the bow below the crew area, which works both at anchor and under way and does away with drag-producing or damage-prone appendages from the hull. The voluminous hull form provides sufficient space for a 6m diesel-powered tender housed amidships launched through a side opening, which also serves as independent access for crew and for loading/unloading stores and garbage. The centrally-located tender garage further accounts for the yacht’s neat horizontal trim, so not even a kilo of lead ballast has had to be added. 

'Voluminous hull form': Wally Ace in motion 

Under way, Kanga provided a quiet, stable and comfortable ride with no discernable vibration or cavitation. There was a slight whistling from the starboard shaft line below the aft cabin that raised decibel levels at low rpm, but this was a temporary fault probably due to an air lock resulting from the yacht being in and out of the water. It is worth remembering that the boat was still a month or so away from delivery and the all-teak interior was also unfinished. As always with the first in a new series, minor shortcomings reveal themselves, such as the somewhat insubstantial exterior caprails and stanchions that jarred with the aft fairleads milled from two solid blocks of stainless steel. Indeed, the lightweight stainless steel brightwork will be beefed up before delivery. 

The Wally Ace represents a refreshing new direction and change of perspective for Wally Yachts that is appropriately timed to take into account emerging sensibilities. But the final product still chimes with the brand’s reputation for cutting-edge design and Bassani’s eagerness to challenge convention. Our guess is he’s on to a winner. 

Luca Bassani, founder and president of Wally 

Futuristic Floating Airport for 
London Features Underwater 

London could get a new 21st-century airport that utilizes some of the only space left within the city – the surface of the Thames River. The London branch of the international architecture firm Gensler has unveiled plans for a futuristic floating airport with terminals connected by underwater tunnels that also lead to rail systems.

The new London Britannia airport would consist of a series of rounded pods along with four floating runways set on giant platforms that are anchored to the sea floor. The underwater tunnels would connect passengers to central London and to European rail networks. The proposal comes in answer to the UK government’s quest to increase airport capacity in southeast London.
And what of the aging Heathrow, London’s current airport? Gensler has plans for that space too, not intending to leave it abandoned and wasted. Take a look at Heathrow Eco City, a new green neighborhood for 300,000 residents and 200,000 workers which utilizes the old infrastructure of the airport.
Chris Johnson of Gensler says of the airport proposal, “This is a once in a century project that will build on the capital’s reputation for innovation and creativity and provide a new symbol of national pride. This is a fantastic opportunity to rethink the problems created by a redundant 20th century airport model and provide a genuine 21st century airport that creates a new standard for the world, minimising nuisance and maximising environmental benefits.”

Ice Hotel of Sweden

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Ice Hotel is located about 200 kms south of the Arctic Circle adjacent to the Torne river. The whole hotel is made from ice brought from the Arctic regions. The place in Sweden where the hotel is located is called Jukkasjarvi which means a meeting place. There are different types of rooms available in the hotel and you can visit the hotel’s official website to find out the room facilities and the room tariffs. The concept of this hotel was born in 1989 when they snow architects made a big igloo on the Torne River for exhibition purpose. The visitors who came to see the igloo were amazed at the art galleries made of ice inside the igloo. Many of the visitors stayed back inside the igloo for a night and that’s when the concept of the ice hotel came to their minds.
It’s cold outside, but some people are not afraid of winter weather, and even spend holidays in Ice Hotel. Sweden Ice Hotel is located on the shores of the Torne River, in the old village of Jukkasjarvi in Swedish Lapland. It is built anew every year and has unique interior. The Swedes invite a group of designers who develop the architectural ensemble of the hotel each time. However, it is expensive to spend the night in this place. Suite in the Ice Hotel costs 600 EUR per night, and the standard room – 280 EUR. All the furniture in the hotel including beds, of course, is made of ice. Despite the price, and the temperature 5 degrees below zero The Hotel attracts tourists every year.

The snow architects build the ice hotel every year in winter. The hotel stays till spring when the ice begins to melt down. The architects start cutting big blocks of ice on the Torne using special ice saws. The blocks of ice are then transported to the Ice Hotel Art Centre where they are given shape as per the requirements of the rooms. The building of the hotel begins around the month of October. There are about a dozen each of artists and workers who begin their work on the hotel. The ice blocks are then given shapes using chisels and other tools. The arches of ice are supported by ice pillars to make the outer foundation of Ice Hotel.
In the beginning the Ice Hotel had only one room. However today it is a hotel which has 60 rooms and even a bar serving drinks along with a cinema. In case you want to do an unusual wedding then you can do it in the church made of ice. The beds inside the rooms are made of ice and you have to sleep in hot sleeping bags provided in the rooms. The temperature inside the room can hover around -4 to -9 degrees and this depends on how many people are present in the room. The temperature outside can be as low as -40 in Ice Hotel.
ice Hotel of Sweden

Tulip flower fields in Netherlands, beauty from sky

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Water Purifying Bridge

This bridge proposal for the Amsterdam canals follows the form of a water vortex, pumping dirty canal water through steel tubes while creating a current to replace it with fresh water while also easing the cleanup process of the current boat system. The bridge also acts as a sanctuary for birds attracted to the clean water and even features a coffee shop for the many cyclists and pedestrians who would cross every day.


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There was a time when the bathroom was seen as a rather utilitarian room, there only to serve some very mundane functions. But that identity has changed over the years, and now we see the bathroom as a place to relax and escape – even if only for a few minutes. Relaxation comes with a lot of accessories, though, and these gorgeous bathtubs with built-in storage are perfect for storing books, bubbles, and all of the other things we need for a soothing bath.
This spa tub with built-in storage shelves may be the ultimate in bathtime relaxation. The two-person tub includes backrests on either side for sitting up comfortably, as well as a row of soft charcoal-colored pillows. An integrated bookshelf offers ample space for all of your scented candles, novels and boxes of chocolates.
surprisingly elegant bathtub from Rexa Designs seems to delicately balance on a small bookcase platform. The egg-shaped tub offers a gently curved space in which to wash away the worries of the day, while the integrated shelves give you the perfect place to store shampoos, bubbles, incense and your favorite books.
As a practical small-space solution, the Keops Evolution bathtub is a brilliant way to keep your favorite things close by. It boasts drawers for towels and washcloths, shelves for candles and bath products and a sliding door for hiding less-attractive accessories like razors and mustache bleaching kits. Integrated jets and optional backrests ensure that every bath is a serene experience.
Although it has no drawers and a relatively small amount of storage compared to some of the other tubs here, the Tub and Tray from designer Jamie Hayon is an incredibly elegant addition to any bathroom. The clean white tub is surrounded by dark wood with lovely curved legs, giving it a classical but modern aesthetic. A shelf at the foot of the tub allows just enough space for a bottle of champagne and a glass or two.
A truly beautiful creation from Swedish designer Malin Lundmark, the Library Bath is a whimsical combination of an armchair, a bookshelf and a bathtub. People who can’t stand to stop reading even long enough to get clean will appreciate being able to store a rather large selection of books on the integrated shelf for some light tub reading.
oval-shaped tub has a lot of empty, wasted space beneath it.So People decided to add These add-on panels with tilt-out storage are the perfect DIY solution for adding some concealed storage space in the bathroom.
Another aftermarket add-on, this storage platform gives you pull-out drawers and/or cubbies in which to stash your necessary bits and bobs which which to make your bath a luxurious affair. You’ll need a rather relaxing bath after you get the bill for this magnificent fixture, though: it’s over $17K as shown.

The Biblio bookcase was designed especially for book lovers. Its sturdy bookshelves keep a wide variety of your favorite books close at hand, so if you get tired of one all you have to do is reach over the side and grab another.

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